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ABout Us

Better outcomes for healthcare organizations, clinicians, patients, families, and communities.

Who We Are

Above all, we are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, neighbours, and upstanding community members with a vision to help people all over the world get safe, secure, inexpensive access to exceptional health care, disability services, early childhood development, and education

We’re doing it now — and want more people to benefit from it.

We are digital health leaders, health and allied health professionals, family support workers, researchers, software developers, and more.

Our award winning group of technologies, known as Teleroo®, is at work for hospitals, schools, and in patient’s homes; delivering remarkable outcomes, higher quality care and improved quality of life for patients, families, and practitioners.

Teleroo® is clinician led and informed and is based on the deep expertise of our service team along with our research affiliations.

For over 10 years Teleroo® has been providing families specialized treatments and consultation services. We create educational content, toys, and training material that support the development of adults and children with disabilities. 

Our team is here to create superior virtual care outcomes for your clinic or school. 


We want to get Teleroo® working for you.





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